Voiceover Artist

Bibi Jacob 

is British and has been working as a bilingual voiceover artist in Paris for over sixteen years. Her voice is used for adverts, corporate films, museum audio guides, documentaries, radio plays and video games.  Clients include LVMH, Rowenta, Nestlé, BNP Paribas and France Inter.

English voiceover artist

Unique signature voice

I love being a team-player and sharing the satisfaction of a job well done within the given time frame



Can take vocal direction and give polished and natural performances


Delivers the text clearly and crisply with an understanding of who the target audience is


Calm, cool, collected. Great teamwork with directors, engineers and clients at each studio session


Signature voice

Corporate narration

Brand's personality


Long-form narration


Sight reading

Video games


Radio plays & TV





The various sectors Bibi works with

A trained dramatic arts actor, Bibi brings her voice acting talents to radio plays and video game characterisation. Producers of documentaries and museum audioguides frequently call on her sight reading skills to finish English version productions in a few hours. Advertising agencies and production companies use her signature voice and regularly nickname her “Miss One-take”  


Adverts & corporate films
Brand's personality & signature voice
Documentaries & museum audioguides
Long-form narration
Radio plays & videos games

Understand the client's expectations

Native British voice - authentic UK accents​

From BBC English to  Mid-Atlantic English, an international sound for businesses and brands. Or French with British or American accents for radio plays!

Regular clients

Have fun!

Years of experience
A typical recording studio session
0 mins

Directed Sessions

Bibi is a friendly personality who enjoys in-studio sessions. Pleasant, professional, respectful and articulate, just like the session directors.

We’re all on the same team, just looking to do the best possible job we can.

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Professional association

Bibi is a member of the professional voice actors' association in France

Voiceover directory

French subscription based professional directory with casting and booking tools


You can listen to Bibi's podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Dezeer, Radio Public, TuneIn

A selection of ads, documentary and corporate videos

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