Radio Extracts

  • Au fil de l’histoire by Patrick Liegibel, Radio France Inter, broadcast Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jean Seberg and Romain Gary by Renaud Meyer
Directed by Christine Bernard-Sugy

Jean Seberg, icon of the Nouvelle Vague and Romain Gary, the writer who won the Goncourt prize twice and lived a thousand lives, formed a mythical couple. Their lives were intense and tragic.

With the voices of:

Bibi Jacob: Jean Seberg
Jean-Marie Galey: Romain Gary
Lionel Emery: François Moreuil
Hervine of Boodt: Lesley Blanch
Hélène Babu: Dorothy Seberg
Bruno Allain: Ed Seberg
Julien Allouf: Clint Eastwood
Assane Timbo: Akim Jamal
Elya Birman: Dennis Berry

Presented by Stephanie Duncan
Sound effects: Bertrand Amiel
Sound recording, editing and mixing: Olivier Dupré and Lucas Vaillant
Assistant Director: Vivien Demeyère
Director: Christine Bernard-Sugy


“Après les Contis” by Mariannick Bellot
Directed by Laurence Courtois

With the voices of:

Arianne: Bibi Jacob
Samia Sommé: Marie-Bénédicte Roy
Pupuce: Dominique Parent
Eric Bonpoint: Assane Timbo
Claire Liviano: Garance Chansigaud
Mehdi Sifaoui: Slimane Yefsah
and voices of : Mariannick Bellot, Vladimir Perrin et Tibor Radvanyi

Presented by Christophe Barreyre
Sound effects: Sophie Bissantz
Sound recording, editing and mixing: Amandine Grevoz et Jehan-Richard Dufour
Assistant director: Pablo Valero
Director: Laurence Courtois